How Dangerous Can Working In An Office Really Be?


When someone mentions that they have an unsafe job – you think policeman, fireman or maybe someone who works with industrial machinery. The office, on the surface, sounds like the safest job – you’re sat inside all day on rotating chairs clicking around on a laptop and occasionally communicating with people about the job in hand. What could possibly be unsafe and unhealthy about that?

Let’s start with the most obvious one, ergonomics. Sitting down all day can be just as bad for your posture as manual labour – maybe even worse. It can shave years off your life even if you work out regularly. To combat this, changing positions regularly and getting up and having a stretch twice a hour can do you good. Repetitive strain injury from typing and clicking your mouse is also another big office issue – constantly tapping those keys and clicking your mouse can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a painful wrist strain that can lead to permanent nerve damage.


Secondly, germs. You cannot get away from these, they are everywhere whether you like it or not. And the office can act as a breeding pool for germs. With a lot of people in once space, all touching the same surfaces, door knobs, and even keyboards can spread harmful office illness’ that can spread like wild fire. There is no sure-fire way of avoiding getting ill at the office as it is inevitable – but following the obvious hygienic protocols will reduce your chances of you spreading and catching these germs.

Another part of the culture of working in the office can be the long commute that you take daily to the office. Not only can buses and trains be the most unhygienic places, studies have shown that commuting for long periods of time every day can severely affect a person’s mental health and therefore their performance when they arrive to work. In the office, there are a lot of different types of people with very different diets – some bring a healthy lunch most days with a little indulgence in fast food or just a generally unhealthy lunch. But we all know what fast food can do to our bodies and it is not pretty, eating this food regularly will increase the person’s risk of heart disease.


When you are overworked, stressed out and tired at work, you may not make the right decisions when doing something physical. A lot of office injuries happen due to lifting, lowering, slipping, tripping, and falling. When you are stressed it is easy not to see a wire running along the floor, or to lift a box using your back. Although these things can be avoided through stress relief, your employer owes it to you to create a safe working environment and these things to a minimum. Accidents are inevitable but reducing the number of hazards in the office will, in turn, reduce the chance of employees getting hurt.

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